I’ve been a licensed city guide for over 30 years, specialized in Venetian art and history with a special focus on the Venetian lifestyle and culture.
It is my desire to introduce you to the beauty and uniqueness of my hometown.


I love my work for the possibilities it gives me helping tourists to immerse themselves in the enchantment and magic of Venice, to make them relish its quiet and slow paces and show them all its colors, shifting with the seasons, the weather and mood changes. I like to depict the art and its connections to the city’s history and see the visitors light up as they gradually notice all the details drawing their own conclusions.


Venice is magic! No other place has this charm. Every corner you turn, every stone you step on, are revealing a hidden story. Tourists, just as it happens to me, a city guide, like to see as much as they can during their visit, almost as if they were racing... This means, however, losing half of Venice’s beauty... Venice consists of quiet rhythms, silence, floating atmospheres and brief stops to watch other pedestrians and time going by... Slow down the pace to lengthen time...


In doing my job, I pursue one primary goal. I hope that the tourists at the end of their visit feel like coming back again. If so, it means I succeeded in nourishing their eyes and souls. Nonetheless, culture doesn’t consist only of art and history and doesn’t lean only on pure knowledge... that’s why I like to spoil my guests introducing them also to the Venetian customs and traditions: the market with its local products, the “gondola” to cross the Grand Canal, an aperitif in a hidden gardens...


I can’t help ... ringing the bells of Venice’s doors asking gently if it might be possible to visit the private courtyards and gardens to include them later in one of my special tours. I never stop seeking out curious facts or anecdotes which can reveal even eight hundred year old history in a different, contemporary light. I never limit myself to a general “who knows why it is like that”, but always search for the right answer


Churches, palazzos, museums... in Venice you have an almost infinite choice. It will be my pleasure to present you all this beauty, enriching your visit with curious facts and anecdotes.


I would like to give you the opportunity to see the hidden Venetian gardens, to climb the city’s roofs, to explore the newest Venetian design and enjoy an aperitif on the most beautiful terrace of Venice.

There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world, that you leave at once all accustomed habits and everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden.
Mary Shelley

Tours are designed for individual guests or small groups (10 persons max).

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Therefore, when booking a local guide in any Italian city, it is your right to ask for proof that he or she holds a license before closing any deal. Under present regulations in Italy, as in most European countries, there is no such thing as a "docent", lecturer", "art historian" or "cultural association" to deal with when hiring the services of a local guide, either directly or through travel agents. Before showing any personal title or degree, guides must show that they are Licensed Tourist Guides first.

Licensed Tourist Guides are the only professionals permitted to conduct tours in all sites and museums within a city.

To become a Licensed Tourist Guide in Italy - like in most EU countries - candidates must pass an examination given by the local public tourist authorities to assess and test their knowledge of the city in terms of its history and geography, its art and architecture, its museums and art galleries, churches, its environs and cultural features. As part of the requirements, candidates must also prove their knowledge of each of the foreign languages they applied for with oral and written tests.

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