Not the usual tours

Like a real Venetian

What does the real Venetian do every morning? He drinks coffee, just as we will do in one of the most famous Venice’s coffee roasting shops. Afterwards we will dive into the beauty of the city, visiting a church to properly admire the Venetian art. Then we will cross the “Canal Grande” with a typical gondola and visit the market where the locals buy their groceries. Since we will be there at the right time, we will indulge in another typical Venetian activity, drinking an aperitif called “spritz” that goes well with the famous “cicchetti” (appetizers) while having a nice chat.

Venetian roofs

We always see Venice from the same perspective, from below, from the streets. Today we will change our point of view, admiring the city from the highest floors of the buildings, from towers and campanili. A pleasant adventure in an always new, surprising Venice.

Discovering the craftsmanship in Venice

Fortunately, Venice can still be proud of excellent forms of craftsmanship. Depending on your personal interests, we can discover the hidden treasures like three hundred year old printing machineries or looms from the 18. Century used by the Venetians to produce their famous fabrics which decorate the presidential residences, castles and embassies all over the world. We also can visit a shipyard to admire the construction, piece by piece, of a “gondola” or, as you prefer, discover the art of creating mosaics, costumes for the movie industry or marbled paper.

A drink on the most beautiful terrace of the world

A lazy stroll through one of Venice’s most beautiful neighborhoods, to reveal some of the most suggestive corners and at the end, the big finale: a drink on a stunning Venetian terrace with a breathless panorama … You will certainly agree with me! (It is possible to organize the tour during the morning arriving at the terrace for lunch)

The secret gardens of Venice

Most visitors believe that Venice has no gardens, since it is an ancient city built on a swampland. Not at all! Venice counts more than 500 gardens, called „secret“, because the majority lies hidden behind the walls of the palaces. Today we will have the chance of discovering some of the most beautiful gardens, telling their stories as well as the family sagas of their past owners.

A delicious day in Venice: from good wine to chocolate

Even if you don’t have the proverbial sweet tooth, you will appreciate this tour through the Venetian flavors: polenta with squid, fried fish, “sarde in saor” (Venetian marinated sardines), accompanied by a good wine and, in the end, the traditional Venetian chocolate. During our stroll we will pass from one place to the other, discovering the most characteristic corners of the city.

The Venetian Palazzos and the nobles

Nobles still exist. Today we will become acquainted with a real countess and visit her residence with the wonderful garden facing the Canal Grande. Later we will see one of the most beautiful palazzos of Venice with all its frescos, furniture and family heirloom. Until this very day, especially during the carnival, the rooms of this building offer the perfect scenario for magnificent parties.

Photographic Tour in Venice

To really capture the details of this splendid city, a photographic tour in Venice demands necessarily the choice of a particular area or subject. Give me some hints about your interests and intentions and I will search for the desired objects all around town. Since we need the best light to take pictures, we will start our tour early in the morning or late in the afternoon, depending on the season.

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